The Electrical Grid of the Future

Electrical Grid is one of the most important achievements of recent history. Here, the grid denotes the whole network, right from the powerhouse where energy is generated all the way to our house where energy is utilized, and everything in between. However, the rise in renewable energy generation and growth in distributed energy resources have caused technical challenges for the present grid, thus requiring the need for an intelligent grid that review film can take decisions on its own in order to keep the whole system safe and stable.

In this article, we will be learning all about the Smart grid. We will also discuss the reason why moving towards smart grids is essential and how we can implement them. We will briefly discuss the status of smart grids in different countries and the challenges faced while implementing it.

What is a Smart Grid?
Smart Grid is the integration of our existing Electrical Grid with 2-way communication and digital sensing technology in order to enhance the capabilities of the current grid and make it more secure, reliable, efficient, and self-sufficient. The smart grid gives the DISCOM capabilities to monitor different parameters and take precautionary steps to prevent faults and blackouts. Smart grid technology also makes it possible for the consumer to remotely control their devices and measure the energy consumption which can considerably reduce the energy consumption. The below image shows the difference between the connectivity and level of communication between a conventional grid (on left) with a smart grid (on right).